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Here are my top five reasons:1) Trying to Cover Every Base – I understand wanting to seem like you have mass appeal, but the truth is each one of us is unique and that needs to be expressed more, rather than trying to get hundreds of responses by being extremely “general” and throwing out such a wide net.

By writing things like — “I can stay in or go out, I love expensive restaurants and dive bars, and I like to sit and stand” — it is obvious that you are trying to be very neutral and cover all the bases, as if you fit in anywhere, with anyone at all times. You’re the easiest most accommodating person on earth. So are we.2) Ridiculous and Gratuitous Photographs – We want to see what you look like and what kind of shape you’re in.

Are those the same people who don’t like to have sex?

I think that’s wonderful and that they are extremely lucky to have met the woman or man or their dreams.Don’t make your profile so cookie-cutter and predictable.Here are the most commonly overused clichés you should try to avoid: I literally cringe every time I read this.You also don’t need to say that you’re not into games, because no one is. Also, there’s no need to list every country, city, and UNESCO World Heritage site you’ve ever visited.That’s like saying you’re not looking for an alcoholic or a schizophrenic. Major red flag.5) Keep it short and simple – Most guys are good with keeping it short and simple, but I have seen some emails that are seven paragraphs long with an entire autobiography, as well as asking 52 questions about me. For more information on online dating and tons of gratuitous pictures of me doing nothing, please visit my website:

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